Monthly Archive: May, 2016

Tinder: The Superhero Movie

By: Connor Lenahan Rooster Teeth is a terrific group of creative people that have been responsible for Red vs. Blue and Million Dollars But… but this is some next level stuff. Despite the fact that… Continue reading

My Boss, My Mentor, My Friend

By: Connor Lenahan This is an overdue article, but it’s late on purpose. I’ve been trying to write this all out in my head for weeks but I could never get it quite… Continue reading

The Cab Quest

By: Connor Lenahan One of my biggest fears in life – other than bees, heights, and commitment – is losing something important. I am borderline obsessive compulsive about patting my pockets to make… Continue reading

Six Straight

By: Connor Lenahan Last night the Cleveland Cavaliers finished off the Toronto Raptors, mercifully ending their series by drubbing the Canadians 113-87. This just clinched LeBron James’s sixth consecutive trip to the NBA… Continue reading

The Seinfeld Theme Is Way Cooler Than You Think

By: Connor Lenahan I really wish I were a good musician. I can drum in correct time and I can play Rock Band with a solid enough rhythm to do well on expert,… Continue reading

Westbrook’s World

By: Connor Lenahan Tonight is game five of the Western Conference Finals and the Oklahoma City Thunder have a chance to bounce the Golden State Warriors. That was a sentence few expected to… Continue reading

The Flip Heard Round The World

By: Connor Lenahan The internet is a big, dumb, crazy, amazing place sometimes. A North Carolina high schooler named Mike Senatore produced a talent at his high school’s talent show that would cause… Continue reading

OutKast For Halftime 2019

By: Connor Lenahan Earlier today the NFL announced that the 2019 Super Bowl will be held in the soon-to-be-completed Atlanta Falcons stadium. This is a wonderful opportunity for the city of Atlanta to… Continue reading

The Netflix-Disney Empire

By: Connor Lenahan Even if you don’t follow the intricacies of streaming rights and the ongoing battles between Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, this is going to be of great interest of you. Earlier… Continue reading

Grown Ass Kid

By: Connor Lenahan Chance the Rapper’s latest release, Coloring Book, is pure sonic joy. From the first listen to what is now likely my thirtieth the album has done nothing but entertain and lift… Continue reading