Rick and Morty Has Explaining To Do


By: Connor Lenahan

One of my favorite shows on TV right now is Rick and Morty, largely because I don’t get how you could hate a show that shares a lot of influence with The Simpsons and Community. The show is almost always covering inventive, fun ground and it assuredly hilarious every time out. However, given this is a Dan Harmon show, it’s not beyond possibility that secrets might be hidden within the show. Remember that time Abed helped a woman give birth to a child in the background of a Community episode?

So the following theory about Rick and Morty isn’t just good by virtue of being creative, it’s good because everything is completely fair game within the show. No slight of hand tricks, no magical wizard, all established and well within things the show has previously tackled.

Rick and Morty season three needs to premiere right damn now.