Everybody Loves Civil War


By: Connor Lenahan

Last night I finally got to see Captain America: Civil War, or in my mind Avengers 2.5. The mega-super-stuffed Marvel film has been the most anticipated event of the cinematic year from the minute that Age of Ultron finished last year. Because there’s a decent chance you haven’t seen the movie yet, I don’t care to talk about anything regarding the plot.

Rather, I am curious about how every review I have found – professional or casual – has been positive about the film thus far. Maybe I’m jaded having seen Batman vs. Superman tank just a matter of weeks ago, or seeing people willing to complain about nearly anything that isn’t dead on in these anticipated films (although with good reason on most occasions), that I figured that there would be dissenting voices here. This was the most ambitious and impossible Marvel movie to pull off yet.

And somehow it looks like it worked? That’s incredible, and totally accurate. The way the film balances over fifteen legitimate characters and gives them adequate story time is impeccable. Is it the best Marvel film? Possibly, although you can make cases for a few of them at this point. But more than anything Civil War is just really good and that’s cause for celebration alone.