Homer Live


By: Connor Lenahan

Tomorrow night is going to be a first for The Simpsons, which is an increasingly impressive feat given that the show is in its 27th season. At the end of tomorrow night’s episode Homer will be answering questions live on the air for the first time. No, seriously, the animated Homer will be interacting with people live and in the moment. This isn’t revolutionary as a televised concept, but for a show that takes a minimum of six months to animate this is going to be crazy.

Reports on how they are pulling this off are scarce – it seems like some combination of static backgrounds and motion capture. The questions are all going to pertain to current events, so Homer gets to express his feelings on Donald Trump in the moment. Apparently the tests of this technology has gone well, but it will remain to be seen how everything goes tomorrow.

For no other reason than to hang with one of the best characters in television history for a few minutes in real time and watch an iconic TV show make a new step, tomorrow is going to be awesome. Homer Live is going to be on at 8PM tomorrow on Fox.