I Love My Musical Friends


By: Connor Lenahan

I am regularly in need of new music to listen to. You see, this was the time of year that Drake was supposed to be dominating with Views, but then he went and made that about as boring as possible. While the past week has included roughly twenty full listens through the amazing Coloring Book by Chance the Rapper, it simply isn’t enough. That’s where two friends of mine have come to help out.

I have known Jean-Luc Lukunku and Jordan Carter pretty much since the day I got to Boston University. That is to say that I believe that I met Jordan the day I moved in after being in the same orientation group as Jean-Luc. These two have been some of the nicest people I have met in college, but they also are exceedingly talented musicians.

Jean-Luc has popped up on Unbreakable before thanks to an album he released last year that featured some of the biggest earworms of my 2015. I haven’t fully realized it, but I still find myself singing his hooks a year later quietly to myself. It’s a unique sound with synth pop and an offensively silky voice that I would kill for. Jean-Luc released a new single, “Drunk,” a few days back. Already talented, this showed a more polished sound that has only served to make me more excited for what he does next. The kid has legitimate talent.

But Jordan I had only heard casually dabble in music before. I saw him rap a verse here and there and knew that he was obviously a natural for the craft. I was always disappointed that he was not releasing anything for those morning walks to class. Imagine my joy when last night, on his birthday no less, he released a single at long last – “Thinkin’ Bout’ Tonight.”

It’s easy to claim I’m looking at this through rose-colored glasses as I am friends with both of these guys, but they haven’t asked me to write about their music. They haven’t asked me to go out and get them listens. I am not doing this just to arbitrarily boost their numbers. No, I’m doing this because I genuinely like both of these songs a lot. Jean-Luc has a really interesting sound that I think he is quickly molding into something incredible and professional. Jordan has a rhythm and dexterity with his flow that’s catchy as hell. I casually put on the song last night for the first time when it came on and it stopped me in my tracks. Ditto to “Drunk.” I don’t share things unless they’re genuinely quality – both of these tracks blow past that.

This summer you need to put these guys on your playlists and watch as two future stars continue to rise. I couldn’t be happier for them or more excited to watch this all continue.