Grown Ass Kid


By: Connor Lenahan

Chance the Rapper’s latest release, Coloring Book, is pure sonic joy. From the first listen to what is now likely my thirtieth the album has done nothing but entertain and lift spirits. This is joy music. It’s what makes you happy, puts a pep in your step, and makes you happy to be alive. I don’t need to tell you this, you likely have some passing familiarity with the album. If not, please go check it out as soon as possible, because it’s genuinely incredible in a way that most other albums aren’t even close to achieving.

But what I do want to share is a track cut from the album due to sample clearance issues. Although you won’t find it on the official release of Coloring Book, you can find it online. “Grown Ass Kid” might actually be my favorite song on the album, or at least in contention with “Same Drugs” for that spot. It’s got an infectious beat – even given it’s place on an infectious album. It’s an outtake that entirely belongs with the rest. Simply put, it’s amazing.