OutKast For Halftime 2019


By: Connor Lenahan

Earlier today the NFL announced that the 2019 Super Bowl will be held in the soon-to-be-completed Atlanta Falcons stadium. This is a wonderful opportunity for the city of Atlanta to be the center of America’s most treasured annual event yada yada yada. Let’s get to why we are here: OutKast. The best rap duo in the history of music was once considered for the Super Bowl halftime show a number of years ago, but walked from the opportunity when they weren’t gifted enough time to do “Hey Ya” and “The Way You Move.” Seriously. This could have been up with Prince and U2 as one of the best halftimes of all time.

We can make this right.

Can you imagine an OutKast reunion for the biggest Atlanta sporting event of the 2000s?

We must make this happen.

Ball is in your court now, Goodell.