Westbrook’s World


By: Connor Lenahan

Tonight is game five of the Western Conference Finals and the Oklahoma City Thunder have a chance to bounce the Golden State Warriors. That was a sentence few expected to be real just over a week ago. But after one of the craziest series in recent history, the Thunder have suddenly come alive thanks to the team playing the highest level of basketball they ever have as a unit.

Oh, and because Russell Westbrook has gone uber-supernova this series.

Westbrook is genuinely insane and genuinely the most entertaining basketball player on the planet. Yes, Steph Curry hits shots that wouldn’t even go in in NBA 2K16, but Westbrook is physically imposing in the way that no other player is. He’s like driving a Ferrari on the court at full speed at the basket on every possession. He is more humanly imposing than anyone but LeBron, but Westbrook is just unhinged enough to be deeply and completely convinced he’s better than Curry in every way – you know, the two-time-MVP who won the award unanimously this year.

Westbrook has been the best player on the floor this series and if he does this again tonight the 73-9 Warriors are finished. Win or lose, it is going to be fun beyond all comprehension to watch Westbrook try and destroy everyone. And even if he doesn’t, he’s got Kevin Durant to help out.

Isn’t basketball the best?