Monthly Archive: May, 2016

I’m The World’s Best Cook

By: Connor Lenahan Oh that sweet, innocent, clueless, dashingly handsome Connor of Tuesday – unable to cook a simple grilled cheese without nearly burning down his apartment – is no more. In just… Continue reading

Don’t Think Twice

By: Connor Lenahan Four years ago Mike Birbiglia graduated from simply being a stand-up comedian (Read: one of the best working today, no less) to a budding filmmaker. He wrote, directed, and starred… Continue reading

Lyrical Masterminds

By: Connor Lenahan Earlier today Vox shared an in-depth video that talks about some of the most technically gifted and intelligent rappers in the history of the genre. Tracing rhyme schemes from the… Continue reading

I Love My Musical Friends

By: Connor Lenahan I am regularly in need of new music to listen to. You see, this was the time of year that Drake was supposed to be dominating with Views, but then he… Continue reading

I’m Scared Of Cooking

By: Connor Lenahan “I want to make a grilled cheese for lunch,” I said to myself today, setting in motion my demise. In theory this was a fun idea, comical even. Here I… Continue reading

Summer Three

By: Connor Lenahan I think this is gonna be just fine for the summer. *Giggles himself excitedly to sleep*

Please Don’t Leave Us

By: Connor Lenahan A bunch of my senior friends officially graduated Boston University today. I am a sad little boy today because this means some of my favorite people are going to be… Continue reading

Homer Live

By: Connor Lenahan Tomorrow night is going to be a first for The Simpsons, which is an increasingly impressive feat given that the show is in its 27th season. At the end of tomorrow… Continue reading

Black Panther Is Going To Be Marvel’s Best Movie

By: Connor Lenahan If you’ve seen Captain America: Civil War you know one of the best things to come out of the film was Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther. The warrior defender of the fictional… Continue reading

Girl Scout Cookie Oven(!!!)

By: Connor Lenahan I realize this is a toy that is marketed to young female consumers, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t seriously consider buying everything in this photo this… Continue reading