Don’t Hurt Me, Frank


By: Connor Lenahan

The internet is a truly cruel place sometimes, and today was no different. If the rumors that Frank Ocean’s album is dropping tomorrow don’t come to fruition then I think I’m going to cry a river buoyant enough to kayak to Frank on with a sweater of my own tears for him. My heart cannot take this wait any longer.

Frank Ocean is one of the most talented musicians working today and Channel Orange remains one of the strongest albums released this century. The prospect of him releasing new music gets people rightly excited in a way that few others, maybe Beyonce alone, can replicate. It’s been nearly four years without anything new.

I mean, this is the guy who brought us “Pyramids” and “Sweet Life,” two of the most amazing songs ever produced. He can’t tease us like this.

Either Frank needs to actually end the wait and give us the album at long last tomorrow or the internet needs to stop getting our collective hopes up. I am begging for it to be the former. Please Frank? Don’t hurt me.