I Miss Cole


By: Connor Lenahan

A year ago I got a call that I wish never happened. It’s almost impossible that it’s been a full year since Cole Srebro, one of the best people I’ve ever had the privilege to call a friend, passed away. Yet the same feeling that came to most that knew Cole has remained ever since – we miss him. I really miss him.

I could go on and on for years about how amazing Cole was, but I just can’t bring myself to do that now. They’re happy memories, but it’s going to bring sadness that I don’t get to watch him ditch his shirt in pickup basketball in the hopes that this will allow him to shoot better. Or how he once brought a dozen donuts to my house for a group of people only to immediately reserve four for himself.

Cole is, was, and forever will be a hilariously wonderful person. Last year I talked about what he meant to me when we were younger. Today I know what he means to me that we are older. It’s heartbreaking every single day that the people we graduated with are all working to watch where our lives are going to end up while Cole doesn’t get to do the same.

If anything, Cole’s passing has made me a more appreciative person of those we have around us. I’ve been blessed with friends in this life that I might not talk to for months at a time that are still important to me. Cole never owed me the time of day, let alone the extraordinary kindness he extended to most everyone, which cemented how kindhearted he was. I want to be a better friend knowing that I might not have these people around forever.

I would give anything to get all of our friends together and have one more party over at Cole’s house together. Just to hear him giggle over Steph Curry in the NBA Finals. Just to give him another hug.

I miss Cole, man. We all do. But if this anniversary reminds us of anything it’s that we were lucky to have an angel on Earth before he went home, and to appreciate the friends we have around. We miss you, buddy, and we hope all is well up above today – we love you.