Shark Tank: The Pinnacle of American Television?


By: Connor Lenahan

Let’s go ahead and agree that yes Shark Tank is the best televised program we have going right now. Let me explain: As a result of getting rained out of Governors Ball this past weekend I was stuck with nothing to do other than watch TV. While flipping around all of our channels we got stuck on, of all things, CNBC. We were criticizing an Undercover Boss episode of a controlling cupcake franchiser when Shark Tank followed.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever been delightfully stuck inside with Shark Tank to watch, but it is an amazing experience. As a group my girlfriend Laura, brother Chase, and I all watched and debated the merits of the each product. It got contentious even though our collective business acumen totals to a microeconomics class I got my ass kicked by when I was a freshman.

But when you can see products get destroyed by the investors it’s a treat. However, watching them fight over a brilliant product is even better. For example, watch the electric television that is the Scrub Buddy debate:

This is incredible stuff here. It’s especially entertaining to watch with the knowledge that Scrub Buddy is now worth over $30 million. That made the above clip one of the most fun debates I’ve watched in some time.

Shark Tank might not reach the artistic heights of Breaking BadMad Men, and The Wire, but I’ll tell you what – of all the reality shows out there, this is one I’m not embarrassed to watch for hours on end. Exceedingly relatable, watchable, and enjoyable – Shark Tank is genuinely fun entertainment television.