By: Connor Lenahan

Earlier this morning in Orlando, FL, the deadliest mass shooting in American history took place at the Pulse nightclub, leaving 50 people dead at the time I’m writing this. This is another senseless, unbelievable tragedy made possible by access to assault weapons for violent individuals.

When the fuck is this going to stop?

It’s impossible not to be frustrated and heartbroken that we need to go through this conversation yet again. Innocent people continue to die because we refuse to take a step towards safety. This has moved far beyond a conversation on personal safety and protection. With 50 people dead and more wounded today has shown more than ever that change is necessary.

The father of the gunman said that the gunman was infuriated by seeing homosexual couples displaying affection and elected to gun down patrons of a gay nightclub. There is zero portion of this that is acceptable in any way.

No person in this country needs any form of military grade weaponry other than trained professionals that serve our country. At the absolute least we need to address how people can acquire weapons. It’s sadly realistic, but nothing will come of this tragedy as nothing has come of the last 50. But if there’s a slight glimmer of hope that guns might not make it into the hands of deranged, dangerous individuals I’ll take it.

No person in this country should be the victim of discrimination and certainly violence based on their gender, sexual orientation, or race. The same weekend where the city of Boston celebrates acceptance and pride for the LGBTQ community Orlando saw innocent members of the same society parish.

We are not a strong country when these days are continually permitted to happen. This, again, has gone beyond conversations on what the constitution has to say about the matter and bending over backwards to make a case for having unnecessary weapons. This is enough.

We need to change and to not let these tragic deaths be without saving the lives of others someday soon. Thoughts and prayers go out to the families that have lost loved ones this morning.