Donald Joins Spider-Man


By: Connor Lenahan

Actors joining in on the fun of the Marvel Cinematic Universe isn’t exactly a shocking turn of events these days. Outside of the Oscar chasers out there, most everyone that isn’t already an X-Men character or Batman has joined up. Donald Glover is now a part of the MCU, interestingly joining the Spider-Man Homecoming film in an unannounced role. If you are completely unaware of what I’m talking about, check the below.

Donald Glover had been the internet’s choice for Spider-Man for the longest time and his name had most recently come up when the role was vacated by Andrew Garfield. Most people wanted to see the Miles Morales version of the character on the big screen. This did partially come to fruition as Glover played Miles Morales as Spider-Man in the animated series.

Now, in an alternate universe the internet exploded today with the announcement that, at last, Donald Glover would be playing Spider-Man. Honestly, there weren’t very many actors that I would have wanted to see take on the character given the previous history. Then again, I didn’t know who Tom Holland was until I saw Captain America: Civil War, and then I – along with everyone who cares about the character – quickly realized the same thing.

Oh shit Tom Holland literally is perfect in this role.

So with the dream spot vacated you’d think that Glover might not sign up for the festivities. Yet, this might actually be the best possible thing for him. Glover has his new show Atlanta coming out this fall and, hopefully, more Childish Gambino music at some point. He doesn’t have the time to commit to everything to play a starting-squad Avenger. Tom Holland, meanwhile, does. And he’s, you know, perfect for it.

But of all the side franchises to become a part of, isn’t this the best for Glover? A young, nerdy, tech genius that gets to start anew as one of, if not the, most popular character in the MCU. We are eight years into building this universe. Iron Man 4 likely isn’t coming and you’d have to roll the dice on Doctor Strange at this point to hop in.

Or you pop up in Spider-Man Homecoming. (Alternatively the increasingly attractive Black Panther – what’s up Michael B. Jordan?)

This just seems right. It might not be Donald becoming Spider-Man, but I’ll gladly take Donald joining Spider-Man.