Tom Hanks Remains The Best


By: Connor Lenahan

Has there been a more beloved actor in film history than Tom Hanks? Certainly not in the last 25 years, right? While people adore the Leonardo DiCaprios and Matt Damons of the world, you will still find dissenting opinions for some reason or another. But Hanks? The guy might have an overall approval rating above 85% in the most contentious era of human existence.

Being a great guy and an A+ actor can get it done.

Hanks is no longer the absolute hottest name out there as an actor, but he damn sure is still putting in work that makes you realize he can play. Much like Tim Duncan, Hanks can continue to put up Oscar worthy turns in movies like the criminally underrated Captain Phillips and can help Bridge of Spies get nominated for Best Picture (a film I haven’t seen but my dad said was pretty good).

This fall Hanks is going to be starring in a project that could be super special. In 2009 there was an emergency landing of a plane in New York’s Hudson River. Captain Sully Sullenberger immediately became a world-wide celebrity for his heroism. But rather than a fluffy biopic, this looks to be a more complicated story than I could have ever imagined.

Did everyone know about this? Or was this a byproduct of being 15 when the landing happened?

Sully also marks the first film directed by Clint Eastwood since American Sniper. While the latter was decently overrated by my eye, I couldn’t be more in on a complex turn to a superhuman event like this. Sully comes out on September 9th, and you can be sure that Tom Hanks is going to be terrific in it.