Freedom for Westbrook


By: Connor Lenahan

Today is a day where we celebrate freedom, and the athletic freak/American Treasure that is Russell Westbrook just got freed in the most ridiculous way possible. Kevin Durant, running mates with Westbrook for his entire career until now, has agreed to join the Golden State Warriors this morning, in effect making them the biggest villains in sports.

Unlike LeBron James joining the 2010 Miami Heat, taking them from a 47-35 squad that lost in the opening round of the playoffs to four straight finals by joining his friends, Kevin Durant is opting to sign with a team that won more games than anyone ever last season and came LeBron James going superhuman away from two titles in a row.

You know who isn’t going to like this news this morning? Russell Westbrook, who is a threat to violently lash out if he’s given Golden Grahams over Cinnamon Toast Crunch – then again, who isn’t?

Has there ever been a more exciting regular season series to watch than Thunder vs. Warriors?

Look, I’m not even mad he didn’t go with the Celtics, because I had a feeling that was a pipe dream. But stabbing the sleeping dragon that is Westbrook and watching him explode next year? This is going to be a really fun season.