Pokemon Go Is Great, I Think?


By: Connor Lenahan

Pokemon Go, when you can actually get on the servers, is crazy addicting. Pokemon Go, when it’s not murdering my battery, is a ton of fun to pick up and try. Pokemon Go, when I kinda sorta understand what is going on, is awesome.

Pokemon Go is an absurdly popular game the last two days taking over the lives of most of our friends. But the game is early in its lifespan, and it shows. The servers for the game are very poor as of late, seemingly not built to realize that millions would want to play the game the millisecond it came out.

But that’s secondary to me. I don’t quite understand the battling part of the game, and I’ve yet to meet anyone that does. But maybe that doesn’t matter? Maybe the whole point of the game is to catch a bunch of different Pokemon.

That’s it, right? I mean, I am completely with that being the gameplan. I think that we are entirely too early into the game to know what happens as you continue to level up, but I am looking forward to looking for things other than Pidgey and Weedle sometime soon.

I’m not quite sure we have this game figured out yet, which is a little disappointing. However, is that an issue really? Because I’m sure as hell going to keep playing while we figure it out.

I can’t put this game down. I love it. But do I love it? Yemaybedefinitelynoprobably.