Kids Baking Championship Is More Fun Than It Should Be


By: Connor Lenahan

Attention everyone in need of something new to watch on Netflix the next few days, I have found something hilariously engaging with low investment. Kids Baking Championship is a four episode season that watches eight adorable children competing in traditional Food Network challenges and making genuinely delicious looking baked goods, which is offensive given that I can’t make cookies from pre-made dough as a 21-year-old.

The challenge is judged by Duff Goldman – the main guy on Ace of Cakes – and Valerie Bertinelli, for some reason. But the former Mrs. Eddie Van Halen, apparently a fan of lemon over every other food, makes for a fun presence.

I watched the entire first season this weekend and am embarrassed to admit that I even developed rooting interests with these children. It got heated, and that wasn’t just because I baked a cake in solidarity with my new favorite show (a delicious vanilla cake, which I didn’t burn, why do you ask, mom?).

The entire first season is on Netflix now and can be finished fairly quickly. If you need to watch something as a palette cleanser from OJ: Made in America (literally me) there are few options as delightfully odd and delicious as Kids Baking Championship.