Thank You Tim

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By: Connor Lenahan

The day has finally come. Tim Duncan is retiring from the NBA after 19 seasons of ridiculous consistency. It’s a day we knew was coming, but no one wanted to face. But in a refreshing, yet knowing Duncan’s personality expected turn there was minor fanfare around his announcement.

No retirement tour, no presents, no press conference, no quotes. Just a good bye. It’s admirable. This is a man that likes to do things his way. It’s impossible not to respect it.

Tim Duncan was one of my favorite players as a kid, and I’ve had a Duncan #21 Spurs jersey since roughly 2002. For my entire lifetime I’m not sure there’s been anyone more skilled at simply playing basketball than Duncan and LeBron James. He does everything, and he does it simply.

Fitting with Tim’s personality, and the fact that there are hundreds of better career retrospectives than any I could muster up, let’s just let things come to a close naturally. Thank you, Tim, for a delightfully perfect career.