Timmy Turner: Maybe Desiigner Is Amazing After All


By: Connor Lenahan

Life in 2016 has meant that you have been witness to one of the most addictively catchy and exciting rap songs in history. I speak, of course, of “Panda” by Desiigner.

If you wanted to jump off a couch and start throwing things around the room in excitement over “Panda” you have a friend in me. I can’t quite tell you what any lyric other than the title word is, but I am addicted to the song no matter what. There’s something about the melody and the beat that have made for a perfect storm of music. “Panda” is incredible, we are mostly in agreement. But while many people have called Desiigner a low rent Future – understandably – he’s recently shown some flashes of brilliance.

With the recent XXL freshman freestyles Desiigner unveiled the hook for “Timmy Turner.”

That’s somehow even catchier than the catchiest song of the year, and now the full studio song is here.

Guys, maybe Desiigner is legitimately amazing after all.