The Teams Are Ready…

By: Connor Lenahan

Last night came with sad news. Longtime public address announcer for Boston University Hockey Jim Prior passed away. He’s a voice that’s tied to Terrier hockey more than most anyone – he was the announcer for 30 years. Beyond BU Prior was a major figure in New England’s hockey culture.

I never got to meet Jim Prior, and that’s legitimately saddening. By all accounts he was a happy, professional, kind man who loved hockey more than most. As an announcer the man was awesome. I remember being a freshman at my first hockey game and hearing his now iconic phrase at puck drop.

“The teams are ready, sooooo lets play hockey!”

Last season I had the honor of sitting in for the honorable Jim Prior when BU hosted Maine. I was giddy with excitement that I got to try to emulate his signature for a packed crowd. I learned quickly how impressive it is – mistiming the phrase I held the “So”for nearly 10 seconds. It was amazing and terrifying. As someone that has worked as an announcer for nearly six years there are few things that can truly catch me off guard. Hockey did.

How Jim Prior managed to be the perfect voice of the Terriers is beyond me. I have tried to learn from his career, because why not emulate the best?

I’m sorry I never got to thank you for lending me your chair properly, but I want to thank you for bringing so much joy to this school and for being a legend worthy of every accolade possible. Rest easy, Jim.