MTV Classic Coming Soon


By: Connor Lenahan

MTV has suddenly realized the smartest way it can return to public prominence. It’s fairly obvious that the golden era of programming for the channel was from the 1990s through the middle of the 2000s with shows like MTV UnpluggedBeavis and Butthead, Daria, The Hills, Pimp My Ride, Cribs, Laguna Beach, and more. So in a few days on August 1st VH1 Classic will be rebranded MTV Classic.

This couldn’t be any smarter. Not only does MTV continue to have it’s main channel full of… wait, does anyone still watch MTV? I certainly don’t, but I sure as hell would flip my TV over to re-runs of Pimp My Ride or drop everything to watch Nirvana on Unplugged. It just makes sense to put this content to good use, especially as more people become enamored with nostalgia – Buzzfeed is huge for a reason.

This is hopefully a precursor to MTV making similarly smart moves with their main channel. The Unplugged brand would be amazing to revitalize in the era of interesting musicians. Can you imagine an acoustic Drake set? Wouldn’t that tear down the internet?

As someone fascinated with television it makes too much sense to leverage content that people want to watch. Tossing out the possibility that I could be home in bed and watch an entire season of The Real World? You’ve got my attention, MTV Classic.