Football Is Cancelled, Nevermind


By: Connor Lenahan

Are you ready for some football? Because the grounds crew at the Hall of Fame stadium isn’t!

The 2016 Hall of Fame Game and NFL Preseason should have just kicked off a few minutes ago, but the game was cancelled earlier this evening. It’s the weirdest explanation too. The field had apparently been painted only earlier today, but the paint that hit the grass congealed.

This is obviously bad. Wait, no, it’s entirely confusing.

Apparently the paint made the field “hard as concrete” and left cleats unable to penetrate it. See, that makes more sense.

It’s odd that this would befall the NFL, especially when there’s only been one game cancelled/postponed in my memory (and really ever), the Metrodome roof collapse game. The NFL doesn’t stop, until it inexplicably does – on Hall of Fame weekend no less.

The rabid, insane fan in me wanted to see the show go on. However hurting Aaron Rodgers in one of his two series just days before my fantasy football draft would be unacceptable. Good call, NFL.