Olympic Badminton? Olympic Badminton

London Olympics Badminton Men

By: Connor Lenahan

And now we go to Olympic Badminton. Ah yes, the least exciting sport of the weirdest sporting contest ever to exist. You are probably asking yourself why we are even considering such a subject, especially when the Rio Olympics don’t begin badminton play until Thursday?

Well we are actually bringing things back to 2004 and the Athens Olympics here. With time to fill on the air and almost nothing to talk about, NBC’s Mary Carillo found herself telling a tale that has to be heard to be believed.

Buckle up, because it’s a crazy fucking ride.

This glorious piece of footage had me throwing pillows in disbelief at how amazing it is. Apparently Carillo was filling dead air with no direction, and suddenly the greatest moment in Olympic history that wasn’t athletic took place. As one commenter pointed out, you could skip ten seconds and wonder how in the world we got there. I love this so much.