Two Years with Laura


By: Connor Lenahan

Two years ago I was bold enough to ask Laura LaBrecque to be my girlfriend. In that moment I had never been more confident while being terrified. But for some still unknown reason she shrugged her shoulders, groaned, and said “Yeah I guess,” although the conversation took place over text – I assume this scenario to be accurate nonetheless.

Yesterday we celebrated our formal two year anniversary in a way most befitting our relationship – drafting our fantasy football teams for this year. As a result of having everyone in the league at my house and the exhaustion of the day I delayed this post. But it’s important nonetheless because I’ve now made it two years through this master illusion of getting Laura to date me.

It makes me happy that I get to spend time with my best friend and favorite person. We’ve had some terrific adventures and times together, and hopefully many, many more in the near future.

I love you so much, Laura. Thanks for putting up with me and being the best girlfriend I could ask for.