By: Connor Lenahan

Most people spend their birthdays doing special things like going to dinner or out to a concert. Some people have big parties. Me? I played roughly four hours of NCAA Football on my Xbox this afternoon while listening to The Strokes before digging into this delicious cookies and cream pie.

I am forever astonished by the people that are kind enough to take a second to wish me a happy birthday. It’s the smallest of actions, but it brightens up an already happy day. Isn’t that a universal feeling?

I’m so overwhelmingly happy to get to 22 years old today. I’m even happier that this weekend I’ll get to see my family for a few days, then a bunch of my friends will come back to school, then the school year begins – meaning football comes back. This is my favorite time of year.

Thank you so much to all those that have wished me a happy birthday and in general to everyone who makes my insane life so much fun to live. It’s not hard to be a happy person when you’re surrounded with terrific people.

Now let’s make 22 the best year yet.