Oh Romo

By: Connor Lenahan

Don’t adjust your computer’s date setting, it is 2016, and Tony Romo is hurt. The much maligned quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys took a pretty ugly hit from Cliff Avril during the team’s most recent preseason game. Romo has had a bad history of back problems, and sadly 2016 brings another chapter to his medical records.

Romo broke his L1 vertabrae and is projected to miss 6-10 weeks. This seems like it should be funny – no quarterback is the butt of jokes more often than Romo – but honestly it’s kind of sad.

Look, I’m very experienced with both broken bones and back problems. I get how annoying this has to be for him. That’s without considering that he missed almost all of last season with two broken collarbones.

Sure, this is funny on some small level, but after yet another injury you start wondering how much longer he should take the field. Romo has always been better than he’s given credit for, and it’s going to be interesting watching him heading into his next career after football. I personally want that to come sooner than later, only because I’m genuinely afraid of Romo getting hit again.

Maybe this is a see you later or maybe it’s a goodbye. Here’s hoping Romo gets healthy and finds out what’s best for his life, and not the Cowboys.