Monthly Archive: August, 2016

I Drove Through The Apocalypse

By: Connor Lenahan Hey you see that storm outside your window, readers in the northeast? Guess what? It extends for the entire fucking stretch from Boston to Scranton, PA. Seemingly inescapable from bad… Continue reading

Rest Easy, John Saunders

By: Connor Lenahan One of my dad’s favorite shows to watch every week is┬áThe Sports Reporters on ESPN, and as I grew to be a bigger sports fan I would watch with him… Continue reading

Ed Sheeran v. Marvin Gaye

By: Connor Lenahan Well now we have a very interesting court case coming out of the UK. I’m a sucker for any musical controversy about artists copying or stealing songs, and reveled in… Continue reading

Olympic Badminton? Olympic Badminton

By: Connor Lenahan And now we go to Olympic Badminton. Ah yes, the least exciting sport of the weirdest sporting contest ever to exist. You are probably asking yourself why we are even… Continue reading

Football Is Cancelled, Nevermind

By: Connor Lenahan Are you ready for some football? Because the grounds crew at the Hall of Fame stadium isn’t! The 2016 Hall of Fame Game and NFL Preseason should have just kicked… Continue reading

Football Time At Last

By: Connor Lenahan Ah the Hall of Fame game, easily the worst yet most exciting preseason football game of all. Nothing better than watching two teams that want nothing more than to protect… Continue reading

Dammit Frank

By: Connor Lenahan Why do I let myself get my hopes up so often? Why do I blindly assume that more Frank Ocean music is on the way when I’ve been met with… Continue reading

Frank Ocean Eve

By: Connor Lenahan We are only a few hours away. Please don’t hurt me, Frank. I can’t take this emotional roller coaster much longer.

Why Hello, Stanley Cup

By: Connor Lenahan Earlier this year the Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup under the guidance of Boston University alum Mike Sullivan, and thanks to the play of BU’s Nick Bonino. Coach Sullivan… Continue reading

Walk-Thrus to McDonalds: How I Tried To Take My Wheelchair Through the Drive-Thru

By: Connor Lenahan Here’s the most interesting thought of the day: McDonald’s is apparently starting to toy with the idea of adding a “Walk-Thru” for people hoping to grab some nuggets on their… Continue reading