TV (The Book)


By: Connor Lenahan

As a fan of all things television and lists of all kinds, a book that ranks the top 100 television shows is a book that’s almost suspiciously targeted at me. Today TV (The Book) was released and is currently sitting on my desk. I haven’t dived into reading just yet because I know that once I do I won’t stop. Alan Sepinwall and Matt Zoller Seitz are not just two of the best television writers on the web today, but two of my favorite to read. Sepinwall has a full recap series for The Wire that I have read nearly all of after watching the series twice.

The important part of the book comes from the list. After all, it’s trying to find the top show of all time. The duo gave shows scores out of ten for different categories to make the list fair.

So what won? Drumroll, please…


The Simpsons.

Needless to say, this made me very, very, very happy. I am ride or die with The Simpsons to the extent that I quote it daily, regularly make Simpsons jokes here in the blog to make myself laugh, recommend it to everyone I know, watch it when I go to sleep every night, and even have a Simpsons donut plush by my head when I am asleep.

The duo published their defense of The Simpsons as number one today on Vulture, and it’s a terrific read. But because of this glorious and objectively correct choice for number one, please go pick up TV (The Book) immediately.