Chance the Hero


By: Connor Lenahan

Chance the Rapper is a bonafide superhero. Not only has he put out one of the most infectiously positive albums of the year with Coloring Book, but he has thrown free events for Chicago and even founded his own festival for the city with Magnificient Coloring Day. Chance has somehow outdone most other festivals by snagging acts like Tyler, the Creator, Young Thug, and Lil Wayne to take the stage at US Cellular Field. The tickets for the concert ended up criminally cheap, costing less than $100 per ticket.

It was due to these low costs and the increasing issue of scalpers taking every single ticket and reselling them above market value that Magnificent Coloring Day became a major issue, popping up on reseller sites regularly.

Enter angry Chano.

Chance has regularly talked about despising resellers for taking opportunities for real fans to get tickets away. This message coming from an artist alone is a net win in 2016, where the problem has hit all-time highs – Drake tickets in Boston were at their lowest for $245 in the balcony on SeatGeek.

So what did Super Chano do? He got 2,000 tickets back from resellers to make them available to people that actually will attend the concert. Again, this man is a superhero.

It’s odd to me to remember that Chancellor Bennett is only 23 years old. Despite the fact that he’s only one year my senior, his composure and commitment to fans puts him in a class far beyond his years. That’s why Chance the Rapper is the white knight that rap needs. The music world is better because of his music, and the real world is better with his presence.