Brady, Garoppolo, Edelman?

Divisional Playoffs - Baltimore Ravens v New England Patriots

By: Connor Lenahan

During yesterday’s New England Patriots-Miami Dolphins game, linebacker Kiko Alonso drove Tom-Brady-Fill-In and Boston’s-Savior and The-Man-Who-Wins-Games-With-His-Dashing-Eyes Jimmy Garoppolo onto his throwing shoulder. Jimmy G had been lights out for the Pats over roughly six quarters of football, and suddenly a four-game stretch with him felt like it might leave a furious Brady to inherit a 4-0 team rather than one at 2-2 or 1-3.

That won’t happen because Garoppolo has a sprained throwing shoulder. I would never wish an injury on anyone, especially an athlete on an opposing team, but I wouldn’t complain if Kiko Alonso burned his tongue on every cup of coffee he has for the rest of his life for what he did to our Boston’s Siberian Husky of a quarterback and city-wide-boyfriend.

It’s Jacoby Brissett time in New England… or is it? The Patriots are in an unexpected bind for their next two games against the Texans and Bills. Brissett was good in college at North Carolina State, but he is now being thrust into the starting role as a rookie and after preparing to be a third stringer. Facing the league’s worst defense would be difficult, but facing the Texans pass rush of JJ Watt and Jadeveon Clowney on Thursday is much different. It’s a cautious situation, but one that might cause for the most Bill Belichickian thing possible to happen.

Why not start Julian Edelman?

Edelman was a college quarterback at Kent State and did fairly well. New England fans know that he’s lightning quick with his feet, and he’s got an arm good enough to kinda/sorta start that whole Deflategate thing by beating the Ravens in a playoff game, causing the team to complain to the league about underinflated balls and illegal formations, except that the play was legal.

So yes, Edelman’s career passing stats in the NFL are 1-1, 51 yards, and a TD. I’m no math expert, but that’s pretty good. It would be jarring to watch Edelman out of position, but need I remind you that Matt Cassell once took the Patriots to 11-5 when Brady tore his ACL. Did you know Cassell was making his first starts since high school when that happened? Cassell backed up Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart at USC, yet when he was called into action in the pros he ended up having a longer career than Leinart. It’s not like Belichick hasn’t worked this magic before.

I’m genuinely excited to watch Brissett play and start because I think he could potentially surprise people. But all in all the Texans aren’t bad this year, and Brissett is a third stringer. The Patriots are likely going to lose this game and that’s okay – they’re going to go 12-0 with Brady back anyway.

But would you rather hope that Brissett can manage the game enough to not get clobbered by that pass rush, or would you rather want to see Julian Edelman bring the team into unprecedented territory and constantly rush out of the pocket from the world’s best defender Watt?

Call me crazy, but I want us to let the esteemed host of Burger Tyme get his shot.