The Simpsons Marathon 2


By: Connor Lenahan

In an incredible gift from the universe, FXX announced yesterday that they will be bringing back the ultimate television marathon for a second run over the Thanksgiving holiday. That’s right, get ready for The Simpsons on television for thirteen straight days.

This is somewhat spooky yet amazing news because I had thought about the possibility that FXX would run another marathon all of two days ago. Now that dream is a reality, and I’m trying to calculate how much caffeine would allow me to stay up for 300 consecutive hours.

For die hard fans like me this is a fun chance to be able to see episodes filled with amazing jokes that bring nostalgic memories to the forefront of our lives. Hell, I’m excited and I literally watch The Simpsons every single day. But the marathon’s first airing allowed me the opportunity to introduce loved ones to some of my favorite episodes and jokes without the hassle of digging through files on my laptop.

So you’re telling me that over a holiday I will be able to subject my dad to more The Simpsons than ever while avoiding every other thing on TV in the name of being a part of a television record? Done and done, a million times over.

Because the show has continued to produce new episodes, this fall’s marathon will be the longest of any program in TV history. Over 600 episodes of America’s favorite family. What a truly perfect time to be alive.