Jean-Luc and his New Party Anthem


By: Connor Lenahan

2016 has been loaded with terrific music from the heaviest hitters of all. But for the last couple of days, I have been whistling and drumming and singing to myself the most addictively fun track I’ve heard in a while. So if you’ve seen me dancing for no reason, it’s because of Jean-Luc‘s new single, “FMLYD”.

Let’s make one thing incredibly clear from the get-go: this song is terrific. “FMLYD” is the latest from Jean-Luc, and his best effort yet. The track is hypnotic and enticing like any truly great pop single. I’ve been playing the song around friends, all of whom ask who made the track. Makes sense, because “FMLYD” sounds like it could have made The Weeknd’s last album, and is just as much fun as “Can’t Feel My Face”.

Jean-Luc’s vocal chops have never been more clean and refined than on “FMLYD”. It’s almost impossible how ready made “FMLYD” is for radio play – edits aside – from a production and performance aspect. There’s a special energy to the song because it sounds primed to break out in a big, big way.

Then you get to the hilarious, beautiful music video.

The pastel-colored best house party in history is neverending, and is reflective of the point of Jean-Luc’s whole project. The concept of how our generation wants immediate, lasting gratification is best punctuated by the wide smile of Trevor Kaminski, the video’s producer and chorographer, when the party is about to kick off yet again, despite the exhausted bodies around him.

But center stage through it all is Jean-Luc, a man who is almost offensively cool. The brilliant part of the video is how Jean-Luc balances looking confident and ready to take the next step towards a strong career in music, but you still get some of his goofy energy throughout. He’s going to be a star, but he seems like someone you can hang with. That’s because he is – he’s one of the nicest people I’ve met since coming to college.

“FMLYD” is awesome, and a terrific chance to support someone primed for stardom early in their career. This isn’t a hobby, and this isn’t a joke. “FMLYD” is completely legit, and so is Jean-Luc. So pop on “FMLYD” at your next party/gathering and watch the crowd come alive.