Monthly Archive: November, 2016

XFL 2016: And Then There Were Ten

By: Connor Lenahan I have a bad habit of getting down a rabbit hole if I don’t stop myself soon enough. Case in point: The new Pokemon game,┬áPokemon Sun, came out on the… Continue reading

XFL 2016: The Logjam

By: Connor Lenahan Last week’s XFL column was ultimately canceled in wake of a historic, shocking election. I couldn’t bring myself to consider anything last week. Frankly, I needed a few days to… Continue reading

We’re Broken, But Not Demolished

By: Connor Lenahan “if you have the strength left to write tonight, write. a lot of people are going to need words to get them through the day.” – Rembert Browne, 1:30 AM,… Continue reading

XFL 2016: Impact Players

By: Connor Lenahan No matter what outlet you get your sports news from there seems to be a consensus among fans and pundits that this season kinda, sorta sucks so far. The NFL… Continue reading