Monthly Archive: January, 2017

The NBA Jersey Ads Are Coming

By: Connor Lenahan Big news today for sports apparel nerds like myself. The NBA announced in 2015 that Nike would be taking over from Adidas as their official jersey manufacturer for the league.… Continue reading

The Missing Best Picture Nominee

By: Connor Lenahan This morning was one of the best all year for fans and professionals in the world of entertainment as the nominees for this year’s Academy Awards were announced. There were… Continue reading

Please Don’t Leave, Barack

By: Connor Lenahan Today was supposed to be a day of celebration and a moment of victory for the United States with the inauguration of our first woman president, Hillary Clinton. That is… Continue reading

Maurice Watson Gambled On Himself And Won

By: Connor Lenahan During Monday’s Creighton-Xavier game, Maurice Watson Jr. banged knees with a Xavier defender and collapsed in pain. After spending a few minutes on the bench, Mo returned to the game.… Continue reading

The Delightful Series of Unfortunate Events

By: Connor Lenahan Based purely on nostalgia for some of my favorite books when I was a kid, Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events was primed to be one of my favorite series of… Continue reading

Finding a Chair-Friendly Fitness Tracker

By: Connor Lenahan Like many others, I thought the Apple Watch was a bit silly when it was first announced. It seemed like the first product that the company had released that seemed… Continue reading

Binging With Babish Makes Me Hungry

By: Connor Lenahan One of my happiest discoveries from the brief hiatus I took from Unbreakable was a delightful web series on YouTube called Binging with Babish. A weekend project from filmmaker/chef Andrew Rea,… Continue reading

Where Has The Bachelor Been All My Life?

By: Connor Lenahan I’m not entirely certain why I wasn’t watching The Bachelor before this season, but I became intrigued when I caught the news that a contestant on this season’s show showed up to the… Continue reading

2017 Belongs to The Arsenal

By: Connor Lenahan It’s been 2017 for less than a week at this point and the brilliant collection of creatives of The Arsenal are already making a statement that this is going to… Continue reading

Governors Ball is Stacked Again

By: Connor Lenahan It’s that wonderful time of year yet again where the major music festivals release their annual lineups to excited potential attendees. Coachella hit a grand slam this year with their… Continue reading