Binging With Babish Makes Me Hungry


By: Connor Lenahan

One of my happiest discoveries from the brief hiatus I took from Unbreakable was a delightful web series on YouTube called Binging with Babish. A weekend project from filmmaker/chef Andrew Rea, Binging with Babish has an absurdly simple concept with fun execution. You know all the delicious looking food from movies and TV? What if you made it in your own kitchen?

Ladies and gents, Binging with Babish.

Back around Thanksgiving, I was led to the video that inspired the above screenshot. While everyone was getting their annual turkey dinners in order, Rea elected to skip the dinner and head right for the leftovers. The Thanksgiving Sandwich, as shown above, is the beautiful creation of Ross Gellar of Friends. A behemoth of a dinner, the sandwich features turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and an additional piece of bread dipped in gravy. This is also known as “The Moistmaker.”

I’ve fallen in love with this series because it’s delightfully informative on basic cooking – hell, even fairly advanced cooking when it comes to some dishes – with a charming host. Our guide through the world of fictional gluttony is never the focus of the camera, rather it’s the food that takes center stage. But the narration is fun and lighthearted to the point that it makes a marathon viewing candidate.

The Elf Dessert Breakfast Pasta isn’t complicated, but I’m certainly not going to go rob a candy store to get all the ingredients of Buddy the Elf’s amazing creation. Rea gives us the review, and it’s not exactly appetizing. My favorite video is the Il Timpano, purely for the madness that comes from its creation.

I was mesmerized to watch this creative, lasagna-like monster come to fruition, and laughing my head off about the insomnia that comes with that much pasta rolling. I’m likely not going to try this for myself anytime soon, but, well, I have had crazier ideas.

I love Binging with Babish and you should too. Make sure you either aren’t hungry and/or are near your kitchen when you flip through the videos to look for new recipes.