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Slushie Quest

By: Connor Lenahan Slushies:¬†Great beverage or greatest beverage? This is a key question that dogs humanity daily. Overall we, as a society, greatly under appreciate the wonder and joy that these slush drinks… Continue reading

Pie Day

By: Connor Lenahan I do not like math. Math and I are not really friends. Seriously, anything past medium-difficulty algebra made me want to break lamps with a baseball bat until I could… Continue reading


By: Connor Lenahan Last night I touched ground in Los Angeles at around midnight eastern time. The fact that, even in the west coast evening I did not need to don my winter… Continue reading

Cookie Core

By: Connor Lenahan You see this? This up here? This is how we are treating 2015. We are two weeks into this new calendar than your grandparents got you and it’s already better… Continue reading


By: Connor Lenahan My original goal for 2014 was to see if I could write an article every day for the entire year. With the sentence you are currently reading this goal has… Continue reading

Controversial Sandwiches

By: Connor Lenahan There are few things that incite genuine rage within me more than people being blatantly wrong and disrespectful. WatchMojo did both. They recently released a list entitled “Top 10 Greatest… Continue reading

Saving Cereals

By: Connor Lenahan The internet is an awesome place. For all the craziness and in-fighting that it both creates and continues it can be home to some truly amazing things. One large benefit… Continue reading

Dessert Fusions

By: Connor Lenahan There are a lot of terrible things in this world – murder, war, carjackings, sharks, stepping on legos, werewolves, train robbery, spontaneous combustion, the music of Garth Brooks – that… Continue reading

Down With Gourds

By: Connor Lenahan Let’s just go ahead and say it –¬†Last Week Tonight might be the best thing on TV right now. Every single week it turns in something wholly original and hysterical.… Continue reading

Taco Time

By: Connor Lenahan It’s been far too long since I wrote an article about food. I figured that while I sit here, hungry as all creation, I should write a small love letter… Continue reading