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Conspiracy Videos

By: Connor Lenahan To be completely honest nothing I can or will say here will match how perfectly funny John Oliver is talking about online conspiracy videos. Please enjoy this delightful mad man.

Well Played, DeVry

By: Connor Lenahan The amount of joy the following story brought me is pretty much without a peer, it was amazing. This year’s NCAA Tournament has been predictably crazy in as much that… Continue reading

Getting Some Laughs

By: Connor Lenahan Unfortunately I did not win this year’s BU’s Funniest Competition, but that is entirely okay. That’s mainly because I think the amount I was sweating nervously before going on stage… Continue reading

BU’s Funniest Finals

By: Connor Lenahan By some crazy mistake I have been selected to compete again tomorrow in the finals for BU’s Funniest 2016. It’s an honor, an unexpected joy, and almost assuredly due to… Continue reading

Seth Rogen’s Magnum Opus

By: Connor Lenahan Seth Rogen wrote a movie about food from the grocery store called┬áSausage Party. It’s coming out this summer, and it might be the single funniest trailer I have ever seen.… Continue reading

McGregor vs. O’Brien

By: Connor Lenahan Appropriately in time for St. Patrick’s Day here is the ultimate showdown that all of Ireland has been waiting for. UFC Champion Conor McGregor takes on his strongest foe yet… Continue reading

History of Japan

By: Connor Lenahan There’s no real way to explain why this video is amazing with words. Just trust me, it’s hilarious and far more more educational than you could ever imagine. Enjoy this… Continue reading

Astronaut Ice Cream: Lies

By: Connor Lenahan Astronaut ice cream was a major feature of school field trips for children across the country. We wanted to be like the heroes that dared to explore out into the… Continue reading

Great Headline or Greatest Headline?

By: Connor Lenahan This story might be a year old, but it made me laugh so uncontrollably hard on the headline alone that I needed to share. This story, which is a genuine… Continue reading

Talking to Yourself – The 20 Year Short Film

By: Connor Lenahan Jeremiah McDonald is responsible for one of the most interesting short films I have ever seen. In 1992 the then 12-year-old recorded a tape that would serve to interview his… Continue reading