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The Thanksgiving Power Rankings

By: Connor Lenahan The true holiday season is with us at long last. A happy Thanksgiving to you from us (well, me) at Unbreakable. I’m thankful that you’ve joined me today so we… Continue reading

My Stand Up Debut

By: Connor Lenahan Last night at long last I got to do stand up at the Flat Waffle Comedy Hour and it went surprisingly well. Like, people laughed and everything! It was terrific,… Continue reading

James Jones and The Hoodie

By: Connor Lenahan The NFL has an absurdly strict uniform policy. It seems as though there are bylaws and league rules in place to micromanage players looks down to the tiniest of details.… Continue reading

Doing Stand Up

By: Connor Lenahan I have done stand up comedy only once in my life. I, oddly, won a talent show in high school by doing it, despite the fact that my set wasn’t… Continue reading

I Love Hiccup Kid

By: Connor Lenahan One of my biggest fears in life is to be struck by inopportune hiccups. That’s because I have to speak on a microphone regularly for the sake of announcing games.… Continue reading

Oreo Churros

By: Connor Lenahan Guess what everyone, we are gonna talk about Oreos. Again. But if the thought of these amazing, revolutionary, damn-near-perfect snack treats doesn’t already have you salivating a little bit then… Continue reading

Ricky Gervais Returns

By: Connor Lenahan Just days after the terrific news that Chris Rock would be hosting the 2016 Oscars we got (arguably) better news. Ricky Gervais is coming back to host the Golden Globes… Continue reading

Shea Serrano’s Revolution

By: Connor Lenahan Shea Serrano is a New York Times best selling author. How he got there is relatively amazing. Serrano is best known for one of two things. Either for his writing… Continue reading

Tracy Morgan is Home

By: Connor Lenahan If you’ve looked at Unbreakable over the last few months you would be able to see a few stories that tend to continue to be updated through time. The one… Continue reading

A Real Life Cozy Coupe

By: Connor Lenahan Just as a general rule, if you are bringing back any of the amazing things from my childhood that existed in the 90s, I will likely end up writing about… Continue reading