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A Very Murray Christmas

By: Connor Lenahan Look, I know, I know, we haven’t even gotten to Halloween yet. But is there any better time of year than what we are getting to right now? Leaves are… Continue reading

Exploding Kittens

By: Connor Lenahan Today’ post marks the 639th in a row here on Unbreakable and I’m fairly certain it has the weirdest headline of any of those by a country mile. Today we… Continue reading

Treat Yo Self

By: Connor Lenahan Last summer I spent an absurd amount of time watching all of Parks and Recreation before the final season came out. Then the finale aired and I started crying enough to end… Continue reading

I No Good At Maps

By: Connor Lenahan If you have been following Unbreakable for any amount of time you have probably been able to figure out that, despite all efforts to conceal this fact, I’m not the… Continue reading

Have You Tried This “Coffee” Thing?

By: Connor Lenahan Ladies and gentlemen, I have discovered something today that may very well change your lives. It’s a radical, unheard of concoction that gives you strength and energy previously thought to… Continue reading

Meeting Marnie

By: Connor Lenahan First things first: Marnie has the softest fur ever. She is so cuddly and tiny, I couldn’t handle it. Yesterday while my parents, brothers, girlfriend Laura, and I were out… Continue reading

The Marvel Formula

By: Connor Lenahan Thank you to Screen Junkies, the makers of those wonderful Honest Trailers that you’ve likely seen on YouTube before. While catching myself up on the most recent among them I… Continue reading

The Most Unreal Moment of My Athletic Career

By: Connor Lenahan For the second straight summer I got to play softball with my friends and coworkers from Boston University, mainly in the Student Activities office. Unlike last year we were an… Continue reading

The One-Minute Time Machine

By: Connor Lenahan Thanks to being a film & television student I have had to watch a great deal of short films in the past. Some are more out there while others (Read: Pixar’s)… Continue reading

The Orthopedic Doctor

By: Connor Lenahan The Foo Fighters took Fenway Park for a second night last night and brought along a special guest. A few months ago lead singer Dave Grohl broke his leg falling… Continue reading