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By: Connor Lenahan We are one sleep away from Christmas ladies and gentlemen. This is the big time. Santa’s day to shine. But best of all, time to spend with loved ones, drink… Continue reading

Waverly Winter

By: Connor Lenahan I unexpectedly finished my last final of the semester in just half an hour this morning, and got to make my jump on traffic much quicker than anticipated. Seemingly out… Continue reading

Holidays Are Here

By: Connor Lenahan Boston University is one of the few schools amongst those attended by my friends and I that doesn’t get a week off for Thanksgiving. No, while my brother Chase, who… Continue reading

To State We Go

By: Connor Lenahan Yesterday was step one of the trip – Boston to Scranton. Many hours of snacks, music, and traffic later, we arrived last night. This afternoon we got to the better… Continue reading

Road Trip Time

By: Connor Lenahan Is there anything better than a weekend road trip? Well, only a weekend road trip that ends with a football game. This afternoon my girlfriend Laura and I will be… Continue reading

National Dog Day = The Best Day

By: Connor Lenahan I am a dog guy. How could anyone not be? Look at how cuddly they are almost universally. Today was National Dog Day and it made for one of the… Continue reading

Birthday Trips

By: Connor Lenahan The above photo is my family on vacation last summer in Dublin. We are still in the United States as I write this, but we have all come up to… Continue reading

Let’s Talk About The Chair

By: Connor Lenahan Even though theres a decent chance that if you see me in person you’ll see me in the chair I don’t like to focus on it too much. That isn’t… Continue reading

Brothers Weekend

By: Connor Lenahan For two summers now my brothers Chase and Cary have come up to stay with me in Boston. Both times now we have found some crazy things to do –… Continue reading

Connor Vs. The Sun

By: Connor Lenahan Once again, my cockiness is my downfall. If you were to refer to yesterday’s article about my brother Cary and his losing battle on the beach against a stingray you… Continue reading