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1000 Days and The End of The Streak

By: Connor Lenahan Late in 2013 I had an idea. I thought about what I could do with Unbreakable, which at that point was a young side project I updated every month or… Continue reading

Joey Purp is Going To Get Famous

By: Connor Lenahan 2016 has been a year of absurd musical riches with nearly everyone’s favorite artist coming out with a new project, yet there’s been one sneaky rising favorite that’s brought me… Continue reading

The Ultimate Emmys What If

By: Connor Lenahan We are just 24 hours away from the Emmys, and I really wish I could say I’m excited. I also wish I was LeBron James, but neither is true. That’s… Continue reading

I’ll Take Victory for $2000, Alex

By: Connor Lenahan That’s Erin McLean, a graduate of Boston University and winner of the Jeopardy College Tournament a few years ago. Despite attending a school that carries with it a proud tradition… Continue reading

Chance the Hero

By: Connor Lenahan Chance the Rapper is a bonafide superhero. Not only has he put out one of the most infectiously positive albums of the year with Coloring Book, but he has thrown free… Continue reading

Pokemon Dancing Champions

By: Connor Lenahan You know how every once in a while the Internet is a good place? Recently, for seemingly no reason, someone took the in-game character models for Dragonite and Charizard from… Continue reading

Gawker Ends

By: Connor Lenahan With Nick Denton penning the final post, Gawker officially shutters today. The related blogs under the Gawker Media Banner – Gizmodo, Jezebel, Deadspin, Kotaku, Jalopnik, and Lifehacker – will all… Continue reading

Hello, San Francisco

By: Connor Lenahan Ah the sweet end of Summer is upon us. While the northeast continues to deal with sweltering temperatures in the days ahead of the new school year I have ducked… Continue reading


By: Connor Lenahan Most people spend their birthdays doing special things like going to dinner or out to a concert. Some people have big parties. Me? I played roughly four hours of NCAA… Continue reading

Two Years with Laura

By: Connor Lenahan Two years ago I was bold enough to ask Laura LaBrecque to be my girlfriend. In that moment I had never been more confident while being terrified. But for some… Continue reading