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I’ll Take Victory for $2000, Alex

By: Connor Lenahan That’s Erin McLean, a graduate of Boston University and winner of the Jeopardy College Tournament a few years ago. Despite attending a school that carries with it a proud tradition… Continue reading

Chance the Hero

By: Connor Lenahan Chance the Rapper is a bonafide superhero. Not only has he put out one of the most infectiously positive albums of the year with Coloring Book, but he has thrown free… Continue reading

Pokemon Dancing Champions

By: Connor Lenahan You know how every once in a while the Internet is a good place? Recently, for seemingly no reason, someone took the in-game character models for Dragonite and Charizard from… Continue reading


By: Connor Lenahan Most people spend their birthdays doing special things like going to dinner or out to a concert. Some people have big parties. Me? I played roughly four hours of NCAA… Continue reading

Two Years with Laura

By: Connor Lenahan Two years ago I was bold enough to ask Laura LaBrecque to be my girlfriend. In that moment I had never been more confident while being terrified. But for some… Continue reading

Why Hello, Stanley Cup

By: Connor Lenahan Earlier this year the Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup under the guidance of Boston University alum Mike Sullivan, and thanks to the play of BU’s Nick Bonino. Coach Sullivan… Continue reading

Walk-Thrus to McDonalds: How I Tried To Take My Wheelchair Through the Drive-Thru

By: Connor Lenahan Here’s the most interesting thought of the day: McDonald’s is apparently starting to toy with the idea of adding a “Walk-Thru” for people hoping to grab some nuggets on their… Continue reading

Boys Don’t Cry: Friday

By: Connor Lenahan NOT A DRILL IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING PROBABLY WE THINK. According to reputable sources in the know with Frank Ocean, the extremely anticipated Boys Don’t Cry will finally arrive this Friday, August… Continue reading

OJ: Made In America

By: Connor Lenahan I am behind on television and only just tonight have finished the stunning, stellar OJ: Made in America from ESPN and Ezra Edelman. My generation of friends and classmates are the… Continue reading

Kids Baking Championship Is More Fun Than It Should Be

By: Connor Lenahan Attention everyone in need of something new to watch on Netflix the next few days, I have found something hilariously engaging with low investment. Kids Baking Championship is a four episode… Continue reading