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The Missing Best Picture Nominee

By: Connor Lenahan This morning was one of the best all year for fans and professionals in the world of entertainment as the nominees for this year’s Academy Awards were announced. There were… Continue reading

Passengers: When Hollywood Heavyweights Collide

By: Connor Lenahan You know what’s weird? We don’t have that many movie stars anymore. That seems wrong, and it is. We have a ton of famous actors and actresses. Likely more now… Continue reading

The Struggle of Film Scores

By: Connor Lenahan Think of your favorite movie. Not some artsy pick to impress someone, your genuine favorite movie. Think of what it sounds like. Can you hear the score? Do you remember… Continue reading

The Truman Show as Life

By: Connor Lenahan I am an absolute sucker for video essays about film and television. Because I’ve studied them both in school a lot of my life is spent deconstructing shows to story… Continue reading

Thor’s Vacation

By: Connor Lenahan Remember how earlier this year a lot of people were confused when Captain America: Civil War brought together all of your favorite Marvel heroes but somehow left out Thor and Hulk?… Continue reading

7 Favorite Films

By: Connor Lenahan The current Twitter hashtag de jour is listing off your seven favorite films. This is a deceptive task, as I have just learned. If you’re a film fan and like… Continue reading

The Infinity War Shrinks – Hooray!

By: Connor Lenahan Movie fans rejoice, Marvel just announced something amazing. The biggest film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been building up over the years to the two part Avengers: Infinity War. The… Continue reading

La-La-Land: Yes Please

By: Connor Lenahan If you told me there was a movie coming out this fall with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone set in 1930s Los Angeles I would buy tickets before you finished… Continue reading

Tom Hanks Remains The Best

By: Connor Lenahan Has there been a more beloved actor in film history than Tom Hanks? Certainly not in the last 25 years, right? While people adore the Leonardo DiCaprios and Matt Damons… Continue reading

Don’t Think Twice, Do See Twice

By: Connor Lenahan Mike Birbiglia, the brilliant comedian behind Sleepwalk with Me and My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend, was in Boston tonight to screen his new movie. Don’t Think Twice is a bitingly relatable movie about an improv… Continue reading