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Balloon Man

By: Connor Lenahan I am getting way too old to to go see animated movies. When you’re a 20 year old walking into a Disney film there better be a great reason. I… Continue reading

Buy The Ticket

By: Connor Lenahan Two days ago I wrote about characters. I wrote about how my favorite part about movies were the characters rather than the story being told. I am always fascinated by… Continue reading


By: Connor Lenahan Something dawned on me the other day while I was finishing the first season of True Detective while flying back from Ireland. I have no business ever trying to become a… Continue reading

On Boyhood

By: Connor Lenahan I wrote a few months ago about wanting to see the movie Boyhood. I got the chance to do so this afternoon. I can safely say that this movie, the one… Continue reading

Poking Holes

By: Connor Lenahan The internet has gifted us with way, way too many ways to kill time. I spend a great deal of my time on my laptop. I’m actually paid to do… Continue reading

Hello Mutants

By: Connor Lenahan I learned a smart lesson last night: Don’t stay up until 2:20 AM if you have to wake up for a 9 AM shift at work. You will be drowsy… Continue reading


By: Connor Lenahan I don’t think we really ever need an excuse to quote Mean Girls, but a tenth anniversary at least is a defendable reason. Do I really need to say that much?… Continue reading

Coming Soon

By: Connor Lenahan This part of the year is frustrating for people like me. I love nothing more than waiting on the biggest movies of the year, whether they be summer blockbusters or… Continue reading

Your New Addiction

By: Connor Lenahan I have an unhealthy obsession with lists. Anytime I see “Top (Insert Number) (Insert Topic)” on a website I am compelled to click on it. I read/watch lists constantly. I… Continue reading

Honoring a Legend

By: Connor Lenahan On February 2nd of 2014, the world lost Philip Seymour Hoffman. I was at the gym when my friend Patrick McKay had texted me the news. A few months earlier,… Continue reading