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The Oscar Goes To

By: Connor Lenahan Oscar Night. Let’s do this. I’m excited, as are you (I assume). It’s going to be insane. There is a clear front-runner for almost every category, but it could get… Continue reading

Waking Up With Oscar

By: Connor Lenahan This morning at 8:30 AM the nominees for the 86th Academy Awards were announced. Being the insane Oscar lover that I am, I was awake at 7:30 to get fully… Continue reading

Theodore and Samantha Forever

By: Connor Lenahan As I mentioned in yesterday’s Golden Globes article I had narrowly missed seeing Spike Jonze’s Her before the end of 2013. Today I got around to watching it and it… Continue reading

Filling Out My Golden Globes Ballot

By: Connor Lenahan Tonight are the 71st Golden Globe awards and I could not be any more excited. We are now heading into awards season, which means award shows and ballots and arguments… Continue reading

Loving The Wolf

By: Connor Lenahan I have been witness to two competing camps of people lately: those that love The Wolf of Wall Street and those that loathe it. This is entirely understandable, as the… Continue reading

Long Live Leo

By: Connor Lenahan Words cannot express how much I love this movie. I saw it on Christmas day at 10:40 PM, New Year’s Day in the afternoon, and I’m about to go see… Continue reading

The Rest of the Cinematic Year

By: Connor Lenahan It should come of no surprise to anyone living in the northeastern corner of Pennsylvania that the list of things you can do for fun is pretty short. If you… Continue reading