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Civil War Watch

By: Connor Lenahan Slowly but surely we are approaching the biggest movie event of the year: Captain America: Civil War. The super-sized film was already exciting enough every time some new piece of information… Continue reading

Trying to Show Laura Videos

By: Connor Lenahan The following video is not only laugh out loud hilarious but scarily accurate with regards to every movie, or trailer, or video in general that I try to show my… Continue reading

Early Contender for 2016’s Best Film

By: Connor Lenahan This article is overdue by about a week, but that was partially intentional. If you live near a theater that gets smaller films to play there is a decent chance… Continue reading

The Honest Revenant

By: Connor Lenahan I think that I was likely a little too excited to see that there was an Honest Trailer on YouTube for The Revenant today. For a movie that I came out… Continue reading

Seth Rogen’s Magnum Opus

By: Connor Lenahan Seth Rogen wrote a movie about food from the grocery store called Sausage Party. It’s coming out this summer, and it might be the single funniest trailer I have ever seen.… Continue reading

Oh, Hello Spider-Man

By: Connor Lenahan Well Captain America: Civil War just got even better. I think I had casually forgotten that Spider-Man was due to make his Marvel debut in the latest entry in the Marvel… Continue reading

Hiding in Plain Sight

By: Connor Lenahan I really, really love movies. That much is probably true by knowing me even slightly well. I tend to work in references to things in most of my daily conversation… Continue reading

Film Classes Are The Best

By: Connor Lenahan Film classes are really, really, really fun. I’m not a taking notes guy. I’m not a taking tests guy. I’m not a sitting still guy. No, I’m a goofing around… Continue reading

Deadpool is Delightful

By: Connor Lenahan I decided to catch Deadpool tonight since Marvel movies have basically become appointment viewing. This one in particular was enticing given how it’s going to stand outside the massive Marvel universe… Continue reading

Talking to Yourself – The 20 Year Short Film

By: Connor Lenahan Jeremiah McDonald is responsible for one of the most interesting short films I have ever seen. In 1992 the then 12-year-old recorded a tape that would serve to interview his… Continue reading