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7 Favorite Artists

By: Connor Lenahan So Twitter hasn’t moved onto the logical next step of the 7 Favorite hashtag, but I’ve been having fun with it. So tonight I figured we would move to music… Continue reading

Ed Sheeran v. Marvin Gaye

By: Connor Lenahan Well now we have a very interesting court case coming out of the UK. I’m a sucker for any musical controversy about artists copying or stealing songs, and reveled in… Continue reading

Dammit Frank

By: Connor Lenahan Why do I let myself get my hopes up so often? Why do I blindly assume that more Frank Ocean music is on the way when I’ve been met with… Continue reading

Frank Ocean Eve

By: Connor Lenahan We are only a few hours away. Please don’t hurt me, Frank. I can’t take this emotional roller coaster much longer.

Boys Don’t Cry: Friday

By: Connor Lenahan NOT A DRILL IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING PROBABLY WE THINK. According to reputable sources in the know with Frank Ocean, the extremely anticipated Boys Don’t Cry¬†will finally arrive this Friday, August… Continue reading

Timmy Turner: Maybe Desiigner Is Amazing After All

By: Connor Lenahan Life in 2016 has meant that you have been witness to one of the most addictively catchy and exciting rap songs in history. I speak, of course, of “Panda” by… Continue reading

Kim and Kanye: America’s Sweethearts

By: Connor Lenahan The biggest story today that didn’t have to do with the circus that is the RNC is the deathblow to Taylor Swift’s argument against Kanye West over the song “Famous.”… Continue reading

Ask Around

By: Connor Lenahan For the third time this Summer King J, AKA Jordan Carter, has dropped a new song and caused me to rush over to my headphones to crank up the volume… Continue reading

10 Best: Paramore

By: Connor Lenahan In Spring 2015 I finally got around to seeing Paramore in a Boston theater full of screaming teenage girls. Despite sticking out demographically from most everyone around me, I was… Continue reading

10 Best: Drake

By: Connor Lenahan This is going to get me in trouble, I know it. Drake is the most popular rapper on the planet and inspires some of the most intense debate about his… Continue reading