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10 Best: Frank Ocean

By: Connor Lenahan In early 2015 I experimented with a different kind of article – top ten lists for the best songs by Foo Fighters and Maroon 5. It was a fairly fun… Continue reading

Surrendering to Streaming

By: Connor Lenahan Yesterday I took a step that I thought was never going to happen. I joined Spotify Premium. So what? Big deal, they have over 100 million users – I’m late… Continue reading

King J’s Reign

By: Connor Lenahan Earlier this summer I featured two new songs from my friends Jean-Luc Lukunku and Jordan Carter. Jordan released his second single from his upcoming mixtape last night and caused my… Continue reading

Bo Burnham Makes Happy

By: Connor Lenahan I’ve been a fan of Bo Burnham since I was in high school and was first introduced to it by my brother Chase. His quirky, musical comedy became the biggest… Continue reading

I Want To Have Fun

By: Connor Lenahan Last night was spontaneous. Over the weekend my girlfriend Laura LaBrecque and I met up with some good friends of ours, Montana Rispoli and Elias Loucagos, for a quick breakfast… Continue reading

Rain, Rain, Go Away

By: Connor Lenahan This weekend was supposed to have culminated in seeing Kanye West live tonight at Governors Ball. We would have seen him take the main stage for the first time since… Continue reading

Don’t Hurt Me, Frank

By: Connor Lenahan The internet is a truly cruel place sometimes, and today was no different. If the rumors that Frank Ocean’s album is dropping tomorrow don’t come to fruition then I think… Continue reading

The Seinfeld Theme Is Way Cooler Than You Think

By: Connor Lenahan I really wish I were a good musician. I can drum in correct time and I can play Rock Band with a solid enough rhythm to do well on expert,… Continue reading

OutKast For Halftime 2019

By: Connor Lenahan Earlier today the NFL announced that the 2019 Super Bowl will be held in the soon-to-be-completed Atlanta Falcons stadium. This is a wonderful opportunity for the city of Atlanta to… Continue reading

Grown Ass Kid

By: Connor Lenahan Chance the Rapper’s latest release,┬áColoring Book, is pure sonic joy. From the first listen to what is now likely my thirtieth the album has done nothing but entertain and lift… Continue reading