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Lyrical Masterminds

By: Connor Lenahan Earlier today Vox shared an in-depth video that talks about some of the most technically gifted and intelligent rappers in the history of the genre. Tracing rhyme schemes from the… Continue reading

I Love My Musical Friends

By: Connor Lenahan I am regularly in need of new music to listen to. You see, this was the time of year that Drake was supposed to be dominating with¬†Views, but then he… Continue reading

The Weeknd Returns To House Of Balloons

By: Connor Lenahan With regards to truly fascinating artists, The Weeknd is quickly jumping up that list. A few years ago he was a mysterious soul singer, co-signed by Drake, and took over… Continue reading

Chance 3 Soon?

By: Connor Lenahan We are about to hit May and we have already gotten an album from Drake, Beyonce, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, and like three from Future. This is already a crazy… Continue reading

Views From Frustration

By: Connor Lenahan Last night was supposed to be an American holiday, which is funny because Aubrey Graham is Canadian. At midnight the collective mind of the world was focused on one thing… Continue reading

King Kendrick Rises

By: Connor Lenahan Today I had a road trip home to Pennsylvania and was in need of music to listen to on the way. Knock, knock. Who’s there? The best year in music… Continue reading

Chase’s Request: Twenty One Pilots

By: Connor Lenahan Today is my younger brother Chase’s 20th birthday. Rather than explicitly write about how he’s the most amazing kid possible – which I’ve done here previously and remains one of… Continue reading

The Grammys Are Trash, BUT

By: Connor Lenahan The Grammys might be awful and regularly wrong BUT, and this is a big but, if they do the right thing tonight I will not be upset with them for… Continue reading

The Life of Pablo

By: Connor Lenahan I haven’t fallen asleep before midnight for the last four nights. That’s because Kanye West claimed that he was releasing his 7th album on February 11th. That didn’t happen, and… Continue reading

Meeting Alessia Cara

By: Connor Lenahan Last night was a full circle moment for me, my girlfriend Laura, and probably not Alessia Cara – but 2 for 3 isn’t bad. Last summer I wrote about how… Continue reading